Setting up a blog is easy and there are plenty of premium WordPress blog themes online. There are free themes that you can use too but they are pre-designed and often do not fit perfectly with your blog. The perfect theme, however, can be achieved by customizing it according to your liking. This can be done by opting to invest on a premium WordPress blog theme rather than having free ones.

The theme is what a user will notice first therefore impressing them at first sight is vital. Not all themes look the same and not all can be made to your specifications. It will help if you are aware that there are specific features that can bring the best out of every theme.

So, if you want to boost your blog and user experience, look for the WordPress blog theme with the following features.

Easy to Customise

wordpress blog theme

Anyone nowadays can own a blog. But not everyone can have an impressive blog -o ne that exudes personality, uniqueness, and attitude. Yes, a blog can have an attitude too and it can be done by customizing the look from the colour palette used down to the fonts.

Mobile Responsive

Mobile Responsive WordPress Theme

Not all users access the internet using their computers. There are those who prefer to use their gadgets like mobile phones and tablets. The capability to automatically change to fit the page into a mobile screen is an advantage especially when you are targeting people on the go who access the internet using their smartphones.

Minimalist Design

When it comes to blogging, almost every time, less is more. Too frilly pages can be quite too much to take especially when the design has too many details on each page. The clutter translates as a mess to the eyes of the user. The reader’s focus should be on the content rather than the unnecessary pieces on the page.

Special Plugins and Theme Options

Extras are always valuable when it comes to designing blog themes. Check the plugins included and functionalities. There are important plugins and options you should look for in the best theme like – seo plugin, page layout flexibility, easy drag and drop page builder, one-click install option, easy theme updates, colour picker, background and image control options and more. It would be easier to create one-of-a-kind blogs if you are armed with extra tools.

Browser Compatibility

WordPress Blog Theme

It would be a bummer if your blog theme will not show up as you picture it out because it’s incompatible with a browser. There will be users who will prefer to use browsers that are readily available on their devices. Making sure that a theme is compatible with all browsers should be on top of blog theme features you should look for. This can be achieved by having a theme that has passed browser compatibility tests.

SEO Ready

SEO friendly and SEO ready blog themes ensure higher blog rankings and will give an edge when monetizing blogs. This feature is important as search engines rely on SEO in ranking sites. You can’t afford to have a low ranked blog just because your theme is not SEO ready. The best theme is one that makes your blog look great and makes sure that the users get to see them too when they search for it.

With Ecommerce/Shop

Shop Ecommerce WordPress Theme

Structured layouts for e-commerce make it easier for customers to navigate the site. Even experts can attest that users often choose a shop that has a seamless design because it lessens the clutter and is more focused on the products being offered for sale. Hassle- free shopping means more sales.

Portfolio Ready

A modern and minimalist portfolio theme is all you need to impress. It is a modern take on presenting a focused theme that is seamless and built especially for artists, events, and the likes. A portfolio ready theme is one that will highlight rather that put your content in a bad light.

Fast Loading

There are WordPress themes that are very impressive but take too long to load. A slow website can be frustrating to the user. Even Google does not like slow websites. This is one of the main reasons why a fast loading site tends to rank higher.


Finally, on top of the premium features that a blog theme should have, top security should not be left out. A bank- grade security is recommended because you will never know when bad coding or even hackers will strike. A great back-up for your content is a fail-proof method of not losing them once a theme is compromised.

Why You Should be Careful When Choosing a WordPress Theme?

WordPress is a useful tool in the creation of websites. May it be a simple blog site to display a portfolio or a more complicated E-commerce site for a shop, a WordPress theme can help elevate a site above its competition.

Choosing a WordPress theme is critical as each theme has a certain appeal to a particular market.

We at Easyblog themes offers high quality WordPress blog themes that fits your needs. For our customer satisfaction we offer free installation. We understand that your website template should be aligned with the content in order to create an impact among the readers. Perhaps you would like to start a social blog that focuses on specific issues such as politics, lifestyle, fashion, food etc. A theme that is enhanced to appear more readable is very becoming to the target audience. This is one way to ensure that more readers will prefer to regularly visit your blog.

There are tons of customization tools that come with most WordPress themes. If you are not too careful with your choice of a WordPress blog theme, it can be time wasting to change themes. Wrong coding is usually the culprit which is also the reason why some WordPress plugins doesn’t work properly. If this happens, you don’t have a choice but use the same theme forever or spend another penny to buying another one. You do have a choice to pay a developer to help with the codes but this will cost you more.

It can be pretty overwhelming to make your first blog. On top of that, you will have to choose among thousands of blog themes. Customization is the key to have a theme that will suit with your site. However, being careful about choosing a fully customizable theme is important to really come up with a suitable WordPress blog theme.


I’ve started my blog about fashion, beauty and travel since July 2015. I would like to share my passion, thoughts and creations with you. I hope you like it.

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Alicia Pope

I need a better theme! Thanks for the tips. My site is very picture forward, which i like, but it is difficult to navigate or search and doesn’t intuitively keep you on the website.

on 22 hours ago

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