How to Build a Content Calendar for Your Blog


Do you ever wonder why there are top bloggers whose websites are always on Google’s first page? It is simply because they have great content that answers queries of readers. They offer...

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21 Blog Post Ideas That Drive More Traffic to Your Blog


Have you ever experienced what they call as “writer’s block?” I tell you what, you are not alone. This happens to any writer whether online or offline. No writer is an exception....

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How to Improve Your Personality and Become a Successful Blogger


Being a blogger is just like having any other job. You need to be at your best so you can succeed and be high on the ranks like the top bloggers. However,...

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Hey! Write With Us… (Guest Blogging Opportunity with EasyBlog Themes)


We at EasyBlog Themes, are looking for bloggers to collaborate with. We believe that Guest Blogging is one of the most effective ways to promote your blog or website. We know that...

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12 Effective Ways to Grow Your Blog Using Social Media


Social media marketing is one way to grow your blog, obtain more followers and build brand awareness. It is, by definition, the process of gaining attention by using a variety of social...

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Blogging for Money – Top Successful Bloggers & Their Stories


Blogs presents a way to deliver important information to individuals who are able to access them. By now, almost everyone knows how to use Google to look for a particular knowledge from...

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