10 Tips To Help You Choose The Best Hosting for WordPress Blogs


One of the important aspects to learn when you are interested on how to start a blog is web hosting. However there can be different types of web hosting such as free...

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Is Your Blog Fast Enough? How to Speed Up Your WordPress Blog


There are things that frustrate blog readers the most. These are poor user experience, badly written content, and pages loading slowly. Generally, these lows can be corrected. With a poor user experience,...

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10 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Perfect WordPress Blog Theme


Selecting a WordPress blog theme can be overwhelming, especially to newbies. From free to premium themes, there are thousands of WordPress blog themes to choose from. And, choosing the perfect one for...

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How To Move Your Blog from Blogger to WordPress.org


For the past years, Blogger has been one of the go-to platforms for starting a blog for most bloggers and users. However, Blogger users realize the importance and advantage of hosting your...

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How to Move Your Blog from WordPress.com to WordPress.org


Emerging blog projects start with WordPress.com where you just put in contents for the site and for people to know more about your brand or business. A lot of people confuse WordPress.org...

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5 Effective Blog Design Trends in 2018


Content marketing is vital in generating blog traffic. By itself, however, is not enough if you want to have the best impression. What adds to an enhanced user experience are the elements...

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Blogging Tips – Beginner’s Guide to Increase Website Traffic


There are possibly a hundred million blogs in the Internet. This number grows each day because creating a WordPress blog becomes easier using WordPress themes. But creating a blog and choosing a...

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Work and Earn Anytime Anywhere by Blogging


Upon deciding to join the blogging community, you open yourself to a lot of opportunities. So, what is a blog and how can you benefit from it? First, you get to translate...

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