20 Best WordPress Blog Themes for Food Bloggers (2018)


Food recipes and photographs are well-appreciated in the Internet. Humans are naturally drawn to food which is the foremost reason why blogging about it is such a huge market. With the advances...

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Which is Better? Self-Hosted WordPress Blog or Free Blogging Platforms


Blogging has been such a trend these days that people are eager to try it out. If you are a neophyte, you probably have gone through a couple of hours Google-ing how...

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17 Best WordPress Blog Themes for Beauty Bloggers


For bloggers who are going to create a beauty blog, WordPress blog themes for beauty, cosmetics, and fashion are ideal to use. WordPress is the perfect platform to use as it is...

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What is WordPress – Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Blog?


While going through some research on how to start a blog or how to set up your own website, you would probably have come across plenty of times the term WordPress or...

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Free Blog Platforms – How to Start Blogging Without Spending


If you have researched on how to start a blog you might have come across what they call blogging platform. Oh wait, what is a blog platform and what do I with...

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EXTENDED PROMO – 50+ Unique WordPress Templates for Only $39


Thank you for all who purchased our Early Black Friday Bundle! We hope you had a blast at celebrating Thanksgiving. We know you have been very busy this holiday. If you missed...

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How to Find a Niche – 5 Quick Tips You Can Follow to Start a Blog


No such thing is all glitz and glamour they say, and it holds true even for blogging. Once you have figured out how to start a blog or specifically a WordPress blog,...

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12 Best WordPress Blog Themes for Mom Bloggers


It is now time for mom bloggers to shine! Here is a collection of wonderful WordPress blog themes made only for Mammas. These hand picked premium WordPress themes have different styles to...

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