What Is SEO And Why Is It Important To Bloggers


A lot of bloggers are skeptical about Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. In fact, most newbies find it so scary and work intensive that they end up deciding not to continue on...

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Blogging Tips – How To Write Great SEO Content That Ranks Top on Google Search


Successful blogs did not happen like magic overnight. They are products of long nights and hard work. One of the blogging tips that will get you to the top is learning how...

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13 Best Mag & WordPress Themes for Car or Automotive Blogs (2018)


Car blogs tend to lean having a manly, testosterone-driven WordPress blog themes. While there are also a lot of women who are hardcore car enthusiasts, this world is mainly dominated by men...

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10 Tips on Writing Great Content To Capture Your Readers


One basic thing that separates successful blogs from unpopular ones is great content. Popular bloggers often dedicate time and effort to come up with great content that’s why they got to where...

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How to Build a Content Calendar for Your Blog


Do you ever wonder why there are top bloggers whose websites are always on Google’s first page? It is simply because they have great content that answers queries of readers. They offer...

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15+ Free Minimalist WordPress Themes for Blog of 2018


Minimalism is quite beautiful. The simplicity of a design sans bold and vibrant details basically gives a person a sense of calm and evokes concentration. This is very much applicable in choosing...

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21 Blog Post Ideas That Drive More Traffic to Your Blog


Have you ever experienced what they call as “writer’s block?” I tell you what, you are not alone. This happens to any writer whether online or offline. No writer is an exception....

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15+ Best WordPress Blog Themes for Lifestyle Bloggers (2018)


Admit it, you think lifestyle blogs are “it” and you are planning to have one for yourself! If you happen to read this article, then I bet you are searching for ways...

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