12 Effective Ways to Grow Your Blog Using Social Media


Last updated on June 6th, 2018

Social media marketing is one way to grow your blog, obtain more followers and build brand awareness. It is, by definition, the process of gaining attention by using a variety of social media platforms. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are just some of the most popular social media platforms.
But how does it work?

For most people, social media has become a go-to for updates. Be it the latest for news, technology, communication, or even with sports. It is easily accessible too. As long as a person has a mobile device and an app of a particular social media platform, then he can enjoy browsing through the posts on his feed. Because it is such a mainstream to all internet users, it is much easier for a blogger to reach his target audience by integrating social media on his posts. Needless to say, social media can drive more traffic to your blog.

Here are 12 ways to grow your blog using social media:


1. Use Visuals Accordingly.

The thing with social media is that you may integrate videos and photos to posts. These visuals are there not only to make the post look a lot pleasant but also because, according to studies, visually appealing content gains more engagement than text-only posts. So if you are going to sell something, you are most likely to gain profit if the audience can actually see the product rather than rely on their imagination from a text-only advertisement.

2. Strategize Using Visuals that Stand Out.

Users are typically choosy on what they want to see. They can do so because there is plenty of competition and they can only see as much as they are willing to see. Make your visual posts stand out by having images with vibrant colors. Choose a well-designed layout as well as using premium photos with high-level photography. Learn the clever ways on how to use and improve visuals effectively on Social Media. It’s by offering the finest images that gains approval from the audience.

3. Use Social Media Plugins.

Every time you post something on your WordPress blog, give the reader an option to share it on their social media accounts. There are plenty of WordPress plugins for social media that lets you have a button for this purpose. Some may even just pop-out by hovering at the content. Whichever way, just make sure that your blog has this option to make it easier for the reader to share content.

4. Use a Social Media Calendar.

A social media calendar is just as important as content mapping. In fact, it works the same way too. Plan ahead on what and when to post on social media. This will ensure that you are able to fill in gaps and will not let a day go by without establishing presence. Consistency is the key to leave an impression so make everyday count by having a useful content every single day to assure the audience that you are hard at work in creating content for them.

5. Research about Competition.

Observe how the audience reacts to the competitor’s campaign. Look at how they made it right or otherwise. You will gain insight on how to do and what not to include on your own campaign. It is not about copying their work but rather help you analyze what strategy to use and what to avoid for your campaign. I am using Buzzsumo and ahrefs.com to analyze what are the most engaging content for my topics. It also help me gather data about my competitors.

6. Be aware of Significant Details.



With social media marketing, being observant will take you somewhere great. Note the times and days when a post gets noticed most, how often the audience respond by sharing or commenting on the post, or see which type of content gets shared a lot. It’s the little details that matters most because it is where you can judge how a post gives the most impact. Analyze your social media insights to boost engagement and to improve your social media marketing.

7. Collaborate With Social Media Influencer.


Social media influencers can be a powerful channel in your online marketing. Practice building relationships with them to widen your social media reach. Having your brand introduce to thousands of twitter followers by a reputable individual can be very beneficial.

Remember that 88% of customers consider the brand experience in reviews by someone who is influential on a certain field rather than directly from the brand itself. 90% of buyers trust recommendations from peers and 33% from ads. Make sure to develop good relationship with influencers related to your field before you actually need them. It takes time to build relationship but once the trust is there, connection and promotion of your brand becomes a lot more easy and effective.

Some tools that you can use to find social influencers: buzzsumo.com / zoomph.com / izea.com / getlittlebird.com.

8. Research for Engaging & Trending Content.

As with most blogging tips, knowing exactly what to write will ensure attention. Engaging the audience is absolutely essential to grow your blog using social media. You may use tools to see which niche is on trend. Once you get an idea about what attracts the audience, gather all materials to create an impressive post about it.

Some tools that you can use to research trending topics: buzzsumo.com / Ways to Find Trending Topics on Social Media.

9. Engage With Your Audience.

Social media is very big about interaction. Get personal with the audience by actually replying to their comments. It doesn’t have to be long, just a simple acknowledgement that you have read the comments and thanking them for it will be enough to make them know that you truly care about what the audience think.

10. Join and Engage in Social Media Groups

The best way to learn more things is by joining and connecting with people that you can relate to. Some of you probably belong to some groups especially in facebook, right? There are a lot of facebook groups for bloggers helping each other. Join these groups, share your ideas, and ask help.

Aside from joining existing groups, if you think you can offer unique things and ideas for others, you can also create your own group and build your community. Give rewards to your customers and offer help to make them feel special – for example, an exclusive group for people who wants to learn about blogging and how to make money from it.

11. Listen More.

Do more than just reading and replying to your audience. It is important that you actually join discussions and take the time to engage in real-time conversations. This will not only help establish trust but will also let you study about what you can offer to them next time. It’s like having live assessment of your post to see which part you need to improve on.

12. Be Patient and Consistent.

The success of using social media for bloggers to promote a blog does not happen overnight. Of course you need to be patient. Expect that there will be some waiting especially when you are just starting out with a campaign. Once you gain a steady following, be consistent with what you offer. Don’t leave the audience hanging. Commit to creating the best posts and soon you will begin to see better results as more people begin to see your content to be useful and truly informative.

There you have it, 12 simple ways to get the most for your blog using social media. You must never take for granted how important social media has become. It is more than just connecting people with the same interests. As for you, gain advantage by using social media properly. With all the right moves, you can perfect the formula for marketing your blog by making use of these social media platforms. Lastly, you can join in most social media sites for free so what you really need is some time and utmost devotion and it would work brilliantly.

How do you make the most out of your social media platforms? If you have any tips to grow your blog using social media marketing, please tell us and comment below.