Is Your Blog Fast Enough? How to Speed Up Your WordPress Blog


There are things that frustrate blog readers the most. These are poor user experience, badly written content, and pages loading slowly. Generally, these lows can be corrected. With a poor user experience,...

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10 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Perfect WordPress Blog Theme


Selecting a WordPress blog theme can be overwhelming, especially to newbies. From free to premium themes, there are thousands of WordPress blog themes to choose from. And, choosing the perfect one for...

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Hey! Write With Us… (Guest Blogging Opportunity with EasyBlog Themes)


We at EasyBlog Themes, are looking for bloggers to collaborate with. We believe that Guest Blogging is one of the most effective ways to promote your blog or website. We know that...

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12 Effective Ways to Grow Your Blog Using Social Media


Social media marketing is one way to grow your blog, obtain more followers and build brand awareness. It is, by definition, the process of gaining attention by using a variety of social...

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10 Ways How Guest Blogging Helps Grow Your Blog


One of the best methods to attract followers is by building authority in the blogging industry. Some achieves this by longevity while most build authority with a few tricks. Guest blogging or...

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How To Move Your Blog from Blogger to


For the past years, Blogger has been one of the go-to platforms for starting a blog for most bloggers and users. However, Blogger users realize the importance and advantage of hosting your...

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Get All 50+ Templates for Only $17.70 – HURRY UP! Offer Lasts at Limited Time Only.


How to Use EasyBlog Themes 70% Coupon Code Discount? To avail our biggest discount, follow the instructions below and save 70% for any of our packages. Go to Download Theme Choose Your...

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