10 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Fail and Quit Blogging


Most new bloggers find inspiration among successful bloggers who earn more than a living from their blogs. However, as more blogs are added in the blogosphere, the newbies are seeing the harsh...

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How to Move Your Blog from WordPress.com to WordPress.org


Emerging blog projects start with WordPress.com where you just put in contents for the site and for people to know more about your brand or business. A lot of people confuse WordPress.org...

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How Much Does a Custom WordPress Theme Cost?


Building and showcasing your brand using a WordPress blog is one of the fastest growing ways to reach your target market and audience. In order to stand out from the rest of...

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25+ Sites to Download Free Images for Blogs and Social Media Posts


One of the challenges of starting a blog is having stunning images to go along with a well-written blog post. Unless a blogger is adept at photography, there is a need to...

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15+ Free WordPress eCommerce Themes for Online Stores of 2018


The Internet is one of the hottest marketing platform for all businesses around the world. Most business owners, companies, brands, retailers, stores and service providers are using the internet to promote and...

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5 Effective Blog Design Trends in 2018


Content marketing is vital in generating blog traffic. By itself, however, is not enough if you want to have the best impression. What adds to an enhanced user experience are the elements...

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Blogging for Money – Top Successful Bloggers & Their Stories


Blogs presents a way to deliver important information to individuals who are able to access them. By now, almost everyone knows how to use Google to look for a particular knowledge from...

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WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org – Which is Best for You?


A WordPress blog is an ideal website starter for a newbie blogger. WordPress is an online publishing platform that you can use for blogging and creating beautiful websites. It is classified into...

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