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Last updated on July 24th, 2020

Minimalism is quite beautiful. The simplicity of a design sans bold and vibrant details basically gives a person a sense of calm and evokes concentration. This is very much applicable in choosing a website design wherein one cannot believe how choosing WordPress blog themes can create a big difference in terms of user experience and overall site performance.

Although free minimalist WordPress themes may not fit all kinds of websites, they can make most personal blogs, portfolios, and other related websites stand-out. It is mainly because best WordPress themes for blogs allow for more flexibility in adding plugins and customization preferences. If you are amongst those who are drawn with a minimalist style, then you are in for some really good stuff!

But, Why Choose WordPress?

Plenty of bloggers prefer WordPress as a blogging platform because of the versatility it offers. As bloggers discover its simple yet powerful features, they are able to transform their blogs into something more functional like turning them into merchandise portals. This made blogging evolve a lot. Nowadays, even large business have turned to blogging to improve their market performance as opposed to the last 5 years where blogs are mainly used to convey thoughts or display stunning photos.

With the growth of the blogging community, the choice of themes has also changed drastically. Themes are now in demand and pricey as they became tools to power up blogs. Thankfully, you can still find free minimalist WordPress themes that are just as powerful as the premium ones.

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Since WordPress is free, here is a lovely collection of free minimalist WordPress themes to get you started. All of them have minimalist designs yet packed with great features to make a noteworthy blog.

Lists of Free Minimalist WordPress Themes

1. Elisa

A minimalist yet modern theme, Elisa will complement any fashion, travel, and personal blog. This versatile theme comes with 5 distinct blog styles, complete post types and is both widget-ready and mobile responsive. It is also easy to customize and allows unlimited color configuration to give you freedom to fully modify the design elements.

2. Love Fashion

A lightweight theme is ideal for any fashion blog. Love Fashion gives you this and more. As it is a minimalist theme, your posts get instantly highlighted. It also helps that the theme is so customizable so you can easily inject your personal style to the already sleek-looking blog theme.

3. Foodie Diary

Foodie Diary theme is a simple yet charming theme that is a perfect canvas for all the best stories on your food blog. The simple layout gives you freedom to be all out on your content. This means that you so not have to worry about posting anything you fancy since the blog design blends in and do not overpower the content in any way.

4. Anyway

For a creative blog to work, a blogger needs to have a site that looks organized and uncluttered. The Anyway theme is perfect for this purpose as its design may be simple but it looks really trendy. It also integrates social media so posts are easily shared to friends and networks.

5. Minalite

If you want a simple theme that does what it’s supposed to do, then the Minalite is just perfect. This responsive theme gives you a lot of opportunities to get creative. Feel free to tweak the design elements to make it reflect your personality. The best thing about it is that the layout is presented in a simple way so you can focus on creating the best posts.

6. Angilla

One of the ways that you can capture the attention of the readers is by having a pleasant theme for your blog. Angilla is a sleek and minimalist theme that is ideal to make the site look simple so that what shines through is the content. This theme is mobile responsive so the site looks beautiful even when viewed through mobile devices.

7. Sarada Lite

Sarada Lite is among feminine simple free WordPress themes wherein the blogger is given the freedom to design the color combinations, add social links, install popular plugins, and many other customization options. This comes handy for bloggers who wish to do more other than blogging like selling stuff or creating an online community.

8. Illusive

Here’s a theme that takes simplicity to the next level. Illusive is a beautiful theme that is suitable for almost all types of blogs. The grid layout is adorable making it easy to highlight important posts. With the Theme Customizer, one can easily transform this theme into something that could be the source of envy from competing blogs.

9. Polite

Polite theme is a refreshing theme that is free from any distracting design elements. It presents the posts plainly so that everything can be understood at a glance. It is also mobile responsive so mobile users can also experience all the great posts in your blog.

10. Ariel

Unlike most free WP themes, the Ariel theme comes full-packed with features. Aside from the visually appealing design, developers are boasting on its being very easy to set- up and personalize. It even comes with a one-on-one support should there be a need for further assistance in installing the theme.

11. Ritz

A simple personal blog about travel, fashion, beauty, or just about anything else requires an equally modest theme like the Ritz. The live customizer allows easy personalization of the theme details. And since it is coded with special regards to performance, you can be sure that you will get a quality theme that will make the site look great and perform better.

12. Minimalist Portfolio

For a simple theme with great typography, Minimalist Portfolio is a definite must-have. It is an image-based theme that comes with the “Easy Photography Portfolio” plugin so that pictures look beautifully on your posts. You no longer have to be troubled on how you can create a stunning portfolio of your great shots as the theme itself will let you do it seamlessly.

13. Mission News

The Mission News theme is a premium-quality theme intended for news blogs. The fully responsive layout has that timeless appeal that looks very much alike with those professional news sites. Now you can have a site that has that professional vibe which is very appealing to the audience.

14. Floral Lite

The Floral Lite theme is a lightweight and highly customizable WordPress theme. Even in its simplicity, it comes with premium quality features like mobile responsive, clean codes, and loads incredibly fast.

15. Integer

Nothing could be more minimalistic than the Integer theme. A single-column layout plus a clean typography is all that you need for a simple, minimalist blog. Although it is really that minimalistic, the upside of this is that your posts are the only ones that get the attention of your readers. This is also great for those spur of the moment thing where you really want to publish something without worrying about a fancy layout or presentation.

16. Mercia

A stunning news site does not need much. Mercia theme is versatile and has all the qualities of a great theme to create a powerful site in minutes. Even though it is simple to use, you are assured to have an ultra-responsive theme that is also customizable and comes with a lot of other great features.

These simple free WordPress blog themes vary in in both the design and features. There is absolutely something for any type of blog. The best thing about them is that they all have customization options so you can create a one of a kind blog with all the design elements that you like.

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